Thursday, September 28, 2006

What Doesn't Suck

For your consideration, here are two things that don't suck...

1. Mariah Carey
I was listening to her this morning (on a cutting edge device called a "radio" -- it's like an iPod on Shuffle but the amazing thing is you don't have to buy, download or pick the music)! Anywho, I decided Mariah's so talented she has earned herself a "get out of crazy free" card. So go ahead Mariah, root around bald and toothless in a woodpile -- you've earned it!
Hey talented nutjob, I toast to YOU!

2. What Sucks

That's right, the brand new blog from writer/comedian Chris Deluca called "What Sucks" -- does not suck! I think his mission statement is pure poetry:

With so much around us that blows, let this blog help you keep things sorted out. Let's face it - suckiness evelopes us, gripping us in a vice-like hold like a bear trap made of shit. Every day we face an overwhelming, deluge of crap and while the torrent of bullshit is unyielding in its advance, at least here it can be called it out for what it is- a lot of shit that really sucks. Everyday we'll shine a light on something that sucks. And your comments, until you weird me out, are welcome.

So check out What Sucks now!