Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I found a beautiful new site because it had sent me traffic and then learned that I have stylish friends! I have no clue who they are, but still... OMG! This is so very exciting!

If you know who this "Little Splurge" is, running that there site -- don't tell me. My life sorely needs more drama and intrigue. Lately I've been running on fumes.

Thing is that when one has a job, a relationship and no alcohol, one's only thrills come from trying to figure out the mysterious logic behind online v. in-store rug sales at Pottery Barn.

Here's a good rule of thumb for Pottery Barn rugs: If rug is on sale for $200 cheaper online, it's $300 more in the store, but if it's on sale for $300 off in the store, it's $400 more expensive online, unless it's Thursday, in which case it might be $600 dollars less at either, but they can't tell you which except if it is a full moon and then you can call a Pottery Barn manager in Paramus and she will order it for you and give you any price you claim you saw online just to make the sale. Then when you actually hoof it to Paramus they will claim not to have the rug you already paid a bundle for and they look at you like you are a crazy person and just when you are about to cry and wet your leggings and they are about to call the cops the manager will suddenly "find" your rug and all will be well.

PS When the moderately attractive short guy with a headset at the Manhattan Pottery Barn on 59th comes over and asks if he can help you, he really doesn't expect you are going to take him up on this. Even if you have a burning question like, "How much is this rug?" don't ask or you will cause him to blow a circuit. He will leave you standing there as your precious childbearing years tick by and then when you are ready to beg for a IVF smoothie* he will come back with no answer and then send you to "the desk" with a flip of his hand because he really "needs to be on the floor." In short, his job is to look pretty and waft around the store with a headset, ya dig?

*"IVF smoothie" means nothing, but seemed funny at the time. The time being about one sentence ago.