Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Me, LIVE, Tonight!

Hey you people who have the hots for a craggy/crazy fictional doc... TIVO that House and then come on down to see me at Mo's House.

Tonight! Tuesday, September 5

Mo Pitkins House of Satisfaction
34 Avenue A New York City, 10009 (212) 777-5660

Wik: Comedian Andy Vastola

Comedian and Writer Susie Felber

Palestinian-Israeli Improv Duo West Prank

Ron Collins. The scholar-in-residence at the First Amendment Center in Arlington, VA, is the lawyer who secured the successful pardon of Lenny Bruce in 2004. Collins’ book, The Trials of Lenny Bruce, examines Bruce’s life and battles onstage and in the courtroom. ALL THIS FOR ONLY 5 BUCKS AND ONE MEASLEY DRINK!

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