Thursday, September 14, 2006

Battle of the Network Affiliate Pooch Stars
A don’t-miss blog post that includes the premiere of...
Stan, the Manhattan Weather Mutt!

From Comedy Central’s Insider comes this important news item about Stormy, the Rockin' Weather Dog!
Stormy from CBS 19, "The East Eye of Texas"

"During the 5pm newscast . . . If the weather dog is wearing a sweater viewers will know they are in store for a cool weather forecast. If Stormy is dressed in a parka, those tuning in will know it is time to bundle up . . . At 6 and 10pm, Stormy will emerge from his doghouse to push a button to activate his evening 'Dog Walking Forecast'. This will inform viewers graphically what the weather will be like as they take an evening stroll with their own pampered pet. "

Thanks to Comedy Central for the link… I love Stormy, even though he has the miserable look of an extra in a Triumph sketch. But wait! Comedy Central neglects to mention that Stormy is a blatant, albeit cuter, rip off of another Texas Weather dog – Radar!radarfat
Radar knows the camera adds ten pounds… the fur, 20.

It seems Radar came about in 2004.

Radar has a bio, multiple videos, and a slow-loading 122 picture photo gallery (!) that includes pictures of his pimped out pet bed…
Don't Radar's digs look a bit like the set for Paris Hilton’s next stolen video?

Here we see Radar choking news director Nancy Shafran for not copyrighting that weather dog shit...

"I'll kill you! Get me my agent!"

And so, in the spirit of new and improved rip offs, may I proudly present:

Stan, the Manhattan Weather Mutt!

So, what's the weather gonna be today, boy?

Stan Weather dog 1
Here Stan shows us that today will be rainy and slightly gay with a chance of rats and fashion week.

Good dog!!!!!

Tune in next time for more awesome predictions from Stan, the Manhattan Weather Mutt!