Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New newness: I am now writing on this gardening blog for an upstate NY company with roots that go back over 100 years: Bentley Seeds.

Yes I'm still doing V/O, still writing for funny stuff a plenty, still working the social media beat.  This job was taken on because it's with a company my best friend now works for -- not just fun but we're both web experts in different areas and we've tons to learn from each other.  And it's also because I am -- or have been until now -- a closet garden nerd.

Lots of original photos by me and blather on seed stuff -- what more could one want?

Here's my first three posts by topic, if not title:

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Upcycled Planters -- Holy Grail of Silly Pinterest Obsessions

Image credit: Me! Me! Me! And it's a Columbine in the Catskills doncha know.

Update 8/24: check out my interview with UK Landscape Architect Robyn Butcher.

Friday, August 03, 2012

 Hooray for my Husband and his Secret Showbiz Life

Ed, who is an editor by trade, narrated these funny Olympic highlight videos for the Wall Street Journal.  The best WSJ puppet videos you've seen all century.  Check 'em out: