Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm hosting a comedy benefit for the Hoboken Relief fund 12/14 at the historic Hoboken Elks lodge.  Oh-so pretty posters below. Click to enlarge, hope to see you, etc.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I haven't updated this since August mainly because I'm on Twitter -- where I'm @susiefelber -- Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Flickr ,StumbleUpon and -- and I'll stop now.

But I've also been not here because I've been up to new stuff.  I'm editing and writing for the truTV dumb blog.  That link will whisk you to all the posts by me.  I'm also writing and editing the dumb photo galleries.  Faves I've written are Dumb Pinterest Obsessions, Crazy Sexy Halloween Costumes and Inappropriate Photos of Candy Corn.  I expect my Pulitzer to arrive any day now.

I'm also still getting my garden geek on writing for the Bentley Seeds gardening blog.

Pretty soon I'm hosting what will be a monthly comedy benefit show at the Hoboken Elks -- first show is Dec. 14 -- pretty poster and info to come.

I'm still doing the fill-in radio co-hosting thing when asked and when free.  The pic there is a super psyched me with Carol Burnett and Freewheelin' host Chris Tsakis after we did in October. The being free thing isn't very often these days but December 4th is my next appearance. Details to come if I have time after updating all the other social sharing venues.

I've also got other exciting writing projects in the hopper that I can't talk about yet and occasional V/O.  Oh and my Sesame Street Oprah impression aired again last week.

Add to this plate two kids who are so cute I must not devote every daylight hour to work -- and stick a fork in me -- I'm done.

So really, same old same old.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New newness: I am now writing on this gardening blog for an upstate NY company with roots that go back over 100 years: Bentley Seeds.

Yes I'm still doing V/O, still writing for funny stuff a plenty, still working the social media beat.  This job was taken on because it's with a company my best friend now works for -- not just fun but we're both web experts in different areas and we've tons to learn from each other.  And it's also because I am -- or have been until now -- a closet garden nerd.

Lots of original photos by me and blather on seed stuff -- what more could one want?

Here's my first three posts by topic, if not title:

Gardening with (or in spite of) Kids

Bragging 'Bout Beans

Upcycled Planters -- Holy Grail of Silly Pinterest Obsessions

Image credit: Me! Me! Me! And it's a Columbine in the Catskills doncha know.

Update 8/24: check out my interview with UK Landscape Architect Robyn Butcher.

Friday, August 03, 2012

 Hooray for my Husband and his Secret Showbiz Life

Ed, who is an editor by trade, narrated these funny Olympic highlight videos for the Wall Street Journal.  The best WSJ puppet videos you've seen all century.  Check 'em out:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

See me, hear me:


I'm filling in co-hosting on Sirius XM 106 for four weekdays starting Friday 4/27. Tune-in 11a-2p ET. Go ahead and like the show's Facebook page here: Freewheelin' on Facebook.  I love love doing radio and this show has a great host and we'll have some fab guests. More on this later...


I'm performing live Fri. 5/18 at a fantastic show called Kevin Geeks Out. It's at 8p and it's in NYC so I don't have to tell you it's ET.  At least I hope I don't.  Show is a measly $10.  Get tickets and mucho more info here.  At this show I'll be telling the story of how I came to write a video game back in ye olde late 90's.  Tina Fey is involved, seedy bars and more!  See how I piqued your interest by implying Tina Fey has some relation to the seedy bars? Well she doesn't.  Or not that I know of.  Anywho, it's a fun show, so if you're not a crazy stalker, do come.

That's it.  I'm sleepy.  And I just remembered no one blogs anymore. 

So, I gotta go tweet the above in less than 136 characters... why not 140 characters?  I always leave room for someone to RT and add "Ha!" 

Hope springs eternal.



Monday, February 06, 2012

Dear Dearest Mary,

I'm new to glasses. A year? Year and a half?

Doesn't sound very new but as the only one in a family of five who didn't need them I thought my eyes were special. Made of tougher stuff. Thought I might need reading glasses when I was old, where old = some far-flung future where I am suddenly blessed with the ability to knit and the personality transplant needed to choose to craft instead of reading or writing.

But then reading was making me sleepy. I chalked it up to pregnancy. To being tired from work, life, baby, caring for my mother. Then to pregnancy again. Repeat.

When I finally stepped into an optometrist's office for the first time since my eldest brother hit my eye with a small hard ball (my fault for looking skyward trying to see where it had gone) -- I didn't just need reading glasses. I needed progressives which sounds really awesomely liberal but just means I'm three levels of blind.

Getting glasses meant the world was suddenly HD. This was cool -- the skyline suddenly went from wide watercolor to so sharp I actually heard Rhapsody In Blue when I looked at it. And also very not cool -- oy my face! I never worried about wrinkles, it turned out, because I couldn't see them.

Don't know how it is in Denmark by you, but here all glasses available are still of the skinny early Tina Fey variety. On her: Sex-hay. On me: Bifocal Betty. My husband kept asking me if I was angry. I wanted a pair of owls. Not chunky black hipster frames but ethereal floaty Ruth Bader Ginsberg's or a pair of in-your-face Lynda Carter's. And not just for fashion -- it's hard to get a progressive into a skinny frame which I learned the hard way. Those small glasses, my first pair, made reading in bed like trying to spy on your neighbors through a venetian blind.

These specs, above, are designer sunglasses. Purple frames. It's all I could find and what I'm wearing until the comet of large eyeglass frame fashion swings by this planet again.

And yeah, I totally look like your uncle Morty.



Thursday, January 19, 2012

That's my grandmother and I as young women.

Never knew my grandmother, really. When I was a year old she was struck and killed by a drunk driver while attempting to cross Queens Blvd.

She was the only grandparent who met me and perhaps because I never knew anything but those stories I've always been incredibly fascinated by older generations.

But as you get older, as you dig, the stories morph... from your family, from others families. You get told the things you couldn't be told as a child. You get told the things that you weren't told as a teenager because people did such an ace job of editing them out or re-branding themselves that they forget you never knew them in the first place.

And those, even if they still can not be spoken in polite company by those touched by them, are far more interesting because you see them as real humans who have lived in three dimensions.