Monday, August 18, 2003


This just in from Paul Sullivan, the director of the film I just shot in Florida. Come on down to catch this very hot off the cameras sneak peek! What follows is from Paul:

On Wednesday, September 10th, come to the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater
during "Hump Night" to see the unveiling of the first teaser trailer for the
feature science fiction comedy "First Time Caller."

The film is my debut as a feature director after several years directing
short films and producing for "The Daily Show", Animal Planet and PBS. The
script is written by Emmy and WGA nominated writer Ted Sullivan, Sean
McPharlin and myself.

The cast features many well known faces from TV and movies:
David Alan Basche ("Three Sisters", "Miss Match")
Patrick Warburton ("The Tick", Puddy from "Seinfeld")
Thomas Gibson (Greg from "Dharma and Greg.")
Siobahn Fallon ("Men in Black", "Saturday Night Live" and "Dancer in the
Chris Elliott ("Get a Life", "Letterman", "Groundhog Day", "There's
Something About Mary")
Ed Helms ("The Daily Show with Jon Stewart")
Mo Rocca ("The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and the new show "Smoking
Doc Dougherty ("One Life to Live")
Fred Willard ("This is Spinal Tap", "Fernwood Tonight", "Waiting for
Guffman", "Best in Show" and "A Mighty Wind.")

and also comics and performers known to the New York and L.A. stand up

Patrick Gallo
CeCe Pleasants
Dan Cronin
Ritch Duncan
Susie Felber
Susannah Keagle
James Oakes
P. J. Marino
Jonathan Corbett
Brody Stevens
Livia Scott

Catch the first public glimpse of the film and also enjoy Hump Night, one of
the best stand up shows in the city, hosted by Sean Conroy

UCB Theater
307 w 26 st just west of 8th ave
New York City
11 PM

212 366 9176 for reservations

Hope to see you there and pass this information along....

Paul Sullivan

Sunday, August 17, 2003

9035 Matches for eating shit in your Personal Network:

I just searched interests on Friendster* and got bored after my first search.

Still when my second search turned up 9035 people connected to me who were interested in "eating shit" I was quite giddy.

Like this guy, an alleged 19 year old from San Francisco.

Update! I am a moron, that link does not work for you outsiders and I'm not the picture posting kind of blog gal. Suffice to say the aforementioned dudes picture was of a small serious looking dog in a monkey costume.

*I only joined Friendster this month, so apologies if this discovery is old chapeau.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Every Monday in September at Chetty Red

I'll be starring as Veruka Salt in a hard rock musical based on Willy Wonka!

Dave Juskow will be singing all the other parts and has written orignal songs as well.

Update 9/3: I've heard then whole sheebang and it's fabulous. The new arrangements for old songs rock and their orignal songs are dreamy. It's about 45 minutes of solid music and good twist.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Free Basil!


Wouldn't want free basil?




Manhattan's West Village

In front of the doorman building, across from the Laundromat, a stone's throw from a new salon called "Sparkle."

Charles street (between Waverly Pl. and Greenwich Aves.)

Around the corner from Waverly on the west side of the street



Until the first frost or people pick it all, whichever comes first.


Look to the plantings to the left of the door. There your will see yellow rose bushes, badly pruned scrubby bushes and then a few huge basil plants that are almost as big as bushes with glossy, healthy looking leaves.

The plants are not guarded or fenced and the doorman isn't outside. If you just take a few leaves they'll never miss it. Plus, these basil plants are rapidly approaching a flowering, which should be avoided. By pinching them back and snicking some for yourself, you will actually be doing them a favor.


The basil is part of a raised bed that is far out of reach of even the most talented Great Dane's pee range.

Can you say Brushetta?

It's free.