Thursday, December 28, 2006

Things to do when you're crushingly lonely.

Check out the first image that comes up when you Google "naked elk." Pervy pervy elk!

Notice that when you Google "gardening in space", the results are rather thrilling, n'est pas?

But be warned that search results for "Spaz Casserole" are way less exciting than you'd think... much too dull for a link, I'm afraid. Honestly, I implore you not to Google this phrase yourself. Life is precious and should not be wasted in fruitless searches.

Oh and hey, this little snazzy icon of my mug is here to entice you to read part two of my sizzling interview with Satuurday Night Live writer Bryan Tucker. Click here to read it now and ward off soul-crushing lonliness.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Baby's first PR

What's pink and soft in the morning? This awesome profile of my spawn in the New York Observer's "Born Yesterday" column.

Note: Yeah, I'm not a copy editor, but who cares? Look at the baaaaaby! Baby baby baby!

UPDATE: Thanks to writer/editor/hot chick RKB for the linkage.

ALSO: Private to all those people who, after reading the Observer, are currently finding this site by googling "Susie Felber Weehawken." Thanks for your interest! But if you are a Weehawkenite, introduce yourselves, yo? Seriously. Especially if you're a mom. I needs me some mom friends, as just about all of mine were smart enough to leave the NY-area.*

*Smart enough = decided not to raise the baby in a closet cared for by an illegal nanny who costs more than that closet's monthly rent.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Read the first of my weekly conversations with comedy writers, producers, losers, etc. right here. All interviews are like this blog: a hobby, done for love and no money.* However, being made into a groovy logo by a groovy designer is totally groovy.

*Actually, I have made some coin from this blog. For example, I made $10.23 from back when I accepted blog ads. I have yet to collect it as I am too lazy/paranoid to set up a PayPal thingamahoob.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

6 weeks ago to the day, I had a baby.

I am not complaining about stretch marks (check), exhaustion (check) or extra weight (check check check).

For I've also endured extreme fevers that made me do a St. Vitus dance, an infection that had me shooting pus and blood clear across a room and a nasty open wound that still needs tending.

But that hasn't stopped countless friends and family from asking, "Will you have more?"

As if I could think about going through what I am going through... again!

But after seeing this, I know the answer...

Yes, yes a thousand times YES!

Thanks for sending that link Wyatt, it was just the reproductive nudge I needed. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go.... try and have a bassist.

Speaking of nudges, y'all should buy the Girl Boss Guerilla DVD, a rolicking 1972 cult flick featuring expert commentary by my pal Wyatt.

Friday, December 01, 2006

k-9 3
Fur-ensic Files
By Susie Felber
You're familiar with famous critters like Benji and Toto but what about Niner, the cybernetic robodog? Weve ranked the top 10 crime fighting pets who protect, serve and pee on the carpet.

Read it now!

Note: This article was so heavily rewritten while I was on leave that I hardly recognise it. Still, it's not bad, eh?

UPDATE: The blog pound linked to this story! Love the write up. Thanks Leigh-Ann!

Update #2: Thanks to Miss C and Gina at Pet Connection for the linkage!