Friday, September 15, 2006

Cops Pay This Guy to Act Up
By Susie Felber

Playing rapists, victims and witnesses, LA-based actor James Elliott makes a living out of helping police hone their interrogation and sleuthing skills.

Read my hot off the virt-presses interview with James right here!

Behind the story, story: So recently a great friend of mine tells me about the man she's dating, who is, in her opinion, really wonderful. She didn't want to tell me when the relationship was new because she knows my well-known (and well-performed) bias against hooking up with actors. She's never gushed about a guy to me like this one. Of course, as soon as she tells me one of his jobs is acting for the LAPD, my interest in her happy love life suddenly went out da flipping window as I pump her for details on how I can interview him. "You've finally met a man who adores and respects you, blah blah, whatever... so, ooooh, tell me again about the wild detective training unit thingy he works for?" Yeah, I'm a great friend.