Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Blog Post to Prove I am Alive and Clicking

I performed in a Comedy Fights Cancer show at Sloan-Kettering last Sunday -- got a good workout making my way around the NY marathon + felt a satisfying afterglow for doing the show.

I wrote and directed an offsite video for AMC Networks recently. It's funnnnny. Was a blast to do. Will share when I can share.

Am still doing social media for HSM Global. Got to attend their Elite Leadership Program at Essex House in NYC. I am now fully qualified to be a CEO. Or something.

I'm still writing jokes for Car Talk on NPR. Thor willing, an assignment I suggested will air shortly. Always fun.

Have a few other projects in the hopper. From a line of original products to working for a start-up -- details soonish.

Pictured: Me and my PDP Miss Piggy iPhone case in the hyper-fem Essex House powder room.