Thursday, April 24, 2003

Changing Sides

Lately I had been getting down on religion, thinking it caused more trouble in the world than it was worth.

But today I have seen the light. I am filled with love in my heart for all the world's faiths.


Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Felber's Frolics est Mort


They Didn't Know They were Writing a Eulogy

Felber's Frolics, my comedy variety show in midtown Manhattan, ran for over 6 years. My brother came along a bit later to join in and he made the show...oh, what's the word I'm looking for? None. He made the show.

As some know, I had to end it and it is no more. I could never tell you how special it was for it would be tacky and terribly biased. But the ever-changing cavalcade tourists, the regulars, and yes, the celebrities who watched and stayed until the wee hours knew how special the show was. And I don't mean special as in retarded. We had a killer comedy show in midtown, in a bar, that was free and there were always new acts and the old acts got better and more successful and it didn't have that bad comedy show stink and... see? I'm biased.

Someday I'll tell these stories and tell them right. For now, wanted to share a letter. This is from one of those excellent tourists we'd get. The kind of people who'd read about our show or just find it by accident and they soon became regulars and newly found long-lost friends... at least on the rare occasions they were in town. The cool, smart tourists who came back were the people who showed me more than any review could, that I was doing something right.

These particular people found me through an internet search and so this arrived in an e-mail account I check very infrequently. It came in mid March, almost exactly when the show was singing its last. It was cool because it reminded me that the whole Frolics thing wasn't a dream. Thanks y'all.


Hey, Susie!

Just wanted to let you know that one night a year or so ago, on one of our weekends in NYC, we sought out Ye Olde Tripple Inn because it sounded like Felber's Frolics would be a hoot. From the minute we walked in the door, we were hooked. We snagged a table in the back and fell in love --first with you--then Adam--then the whole experience. That night you happened to be auctioning off a jacket from the touring company of Starlight Express (or something equally as stellar) in order to raise money for paying off the huge phone,bill left behind by a roommate from hell. No matter that we saw Madonna on the 30 row at MSG or got Producer tickets for $30-- or stumped the band on David Letterman, YOTI and the Felbers were all we could talk about all the way home and when we got home.

Since that time, each time we come to NYC we try to add a different experience, but we always return to the scene of the crime. Most recently we were in town for Valentine's weekend and ended up staying a couple extra days because of Mother Nature's cruel joke. But thank God, we had been to the Inn on Saturday night; this time the two blonde kids from Tennessee bravely seating ourselves right up front, making ourselves at home, sucking back suds and laughing right in your face. You are a goddess to us both and it is entirely our pleasure to pay homage to you each time we visit. Really just wanted to drop you a line and do what you so often say while hosting the comic antics -
--Let her know....

Todd and Mary Ellen Murphy

p.s. Guess my socks!

Note: If this seems totally egotistical of me, know that my show wasn't a "bringer" and I certainly didn't do it for the money or the glory or fame or... OK, look people, this is my blog, of course it's totally egotistical.

Less Important Note: The Tripple show jacket auction raised about 40 bucks? The phone bill auction money did not go to me, it was a surprise for and went to actress and friend Eris Migliorini, whose old roommate skipped out on the bill. This would be merely crappy if it wasn't for the fact that she knew Eris is a semi-starving actress and the roommate is a very successful actress. Though they remained friendly and in touch and very successful actress oft mentioned the phone bill she was remiss in paying, but she has to this day never ponied up the money owed.

The jacket was given to me by aforementioned roommate and was a Fiddler on the Roof touring jacket emblazoned with her name. This is important for you to know because no matter how much I love my friends, you'd have to pry a Starlight Express jacket out of my cold, dead hands.

Least Important Note: Although I give big ups to Adam, I must say that my other occasional freelance sidekicks, "Peggy's" Steve Rosenthal and Rob Paravonian also made the show excellent. The few sidekicks I got in desperation off the subway and in the shelters made the show too... but usually only made it dang odd.