Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bugaboo: The most appropriately-named stroller in the world...

bug·a·boo (bug'e-bu)
n., pl. -boos

1. An object of obsessive, usually exaggerated fear or anxiety
2. A recurring or persistent problem

There are some things I wish I could erase from my brain. Namely, images of Holocaust victims and learning the name & price of the omnipresent Bugaboo stroller. Check out this Sporty Young Couple I spied this weekend in Manhattan. On Park Avenue and 59th to be exact...
bugaboo nyc
This stroller retails for $729 dollars.* For another $100, they could've gotten it in yellow. Cheapskates.

*Actually, they were sporting the Bugaboo parasol and the Bugaboo diaperbag, bringing this strollers total to $869.

Speaking of the Holocaust and Bugaboos, I like to imagine this sporty young couple (SYC) will have a Schindler's List moment:

SYC: We could've got more...We could've got more, if we'd just...we could've got more...

Stern: Sporty Young Couple, forget the orphans of Darfur...there are eleven hundred people who strive to have a luxury stroller because of you. Look at them.

SYC: If we'd made more money...we threw away so much money, you have no idea. If we'd just...

Stern: There will be generations of stylish couples because of what you did.

SYC: We didn't do enough.

Stern: You did so much. Imagine if you'd had a Graco. Like, ewwww. So tacky. For the 'burbs dahling.

SYC: This Bugaboo Cameleon breezy canopy. Goeth would've bought this Bugaboo Cameleon breezy canopy. Why did we keep the Bugaboo Cameleon breezy canopy? Ten people, right there. Ten people, ten more people... (He rips the Bugaboo Transport Bag from his shoulder) This Bugaboo Transport Bag, two people. This is $121! Two more people. He would've given us two for it. At least one. He would've given us one. One more. One more person. A person, Stern. For this. We could've gotten one more person and we didn't.

They break down in Stern's arms, convulsing in remorse and guilt - some of the workers step forward and comfort him in their arms. Mrs. Dresner picks up one of the Bugaboo footmuffs from the ground. The Sporty Young Couple and their driver wear the easily-identifiable, deceptively-casual expensive uniforms of Upper East Side parents - the Sporty Young Couple's tortured faces are reflected on the car window, superimposed over the face of the illegal nanny as she slowly tries to get their notoriously difficult-to-fold Bugaboo into the car.

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