Monday, February 27, 2006

Woman vs. Bus
A series of matches between Me (the Woman) and the M42 (the Manhattan crosstown bus).

Oooh ahh, not-so-magic bus!

Usually when you take a bus in Manhattan you start inwardly cursing the bus and you think, "It would probably be faster to walk." But you really don't believe it, because if you did, you'd never have gotten on the bus in the first place. The bus stops a lot, but it has to be faster than walking, right? We shall see...

This morning's match 2.27.06: 9th Avenue to 3rd Avenue. Me Vs. M42
Distance: 1 mile

I was walking in sturdy black tundra waterpoof Merrell's.* Bus was presumably wearing big wheels. Why presumably? Because no crosstown bus was visible behind me when I set out, and none passed me along the way.

Outcome: Woman walking WINS over bus. Big time.

Current stats: I am 7 for 8 in beating the crosstown bus via walking.

NOTE: Manhattan buses that run along routes already serviced by subways are for the infirm and the unemployed only and any delays incurred are your own fault for being stupid enough to get on a bus.

*Do these shoes make me look gay or retired or both? Just a little, right? Awesome!