Sunday, February 12, 2006

Renee Ritter

These are some of her paintings.
garden of earthly pleasures

Beautiful, no?
garden of the redmoon


I've known Renee a long time. Since I was in utero, in fact. And it's thanks to Renee's kindness that I'm in Utah now, staying in her fab octagonal ski house that's two stone's throws from the Park City lifts. Renee is an artist, a college professor on Long Island, and a friend of the family since mom was preggers with Adam, and Renee was preggers with Jen. Incidentially, Jen is getting married in less than two weeks. Jen's one of those do-gooder lawyers that us Jews are so good at producing. You know, one of those crazy "everyone is entitled to a fair trial" nut jobs. But seriously folks, Jen made me think; maybe a sister would've been cool. The Ritter family has always been a part of my family. And as I have have no memories of grandparents (thanks to the mega evils of illness, a drunk driver and Hitler), and having had no aunts, uncles or cousins nearby, family-that's-not-family has always been more important to me than my family knows.
twilight garden large
Twilight Garden

I'm a very lucky woman. I can't thank Renee enough. And the moral of the story is...

Make sure you make friends with good people now, so that your future spawn may benefit.

All images by Renee Ritter and stolen from