Thursday, October 26, 2006

Felber presents: Battle of the Corporate Organic Food Blogs!

This week:

Stonyfield Farm's "The Bovine Bugle" V. Amy's Organic "Amy's Journal"

Here are two adorable "get to know us" folksy organic corporate food blogs. But which one rules and which one organically drools? Find out as Felber takes them head to head in 3 thrilling rounds. This is THE corporate organic blog cage match you don't wanna miss!

ROUND 1 -- ding ding ding!


Amy's hot.

Wolf whistle!

Jonathan, the organic dairy farmer, is not.

Looks like a wolf...

Advantage: Amy.

Amy wins this round



Amy might not post very often, but heck, she's a busy college Freshman who was born into the organic biz. She also mentions her dog has one eye. (50 karma points for letting us know you're a good liberal who takes in rescue dogs! We are assuming you didn't poke out his eye yourself)

Jonathan the Dairy farmer totally trumps Amy by including video -- narrated videos of butterflies and flowers from his farm on YouTube. (50 karma points for adorable flakey Vermont farm action on the Web!) But Jonathan has lovely content about the actual workings of his farm. Based on the shifting fonts and styles within each entry, it's clear someone at corporate HQ is heavily rewriting his entries to jazz them up (like the paragraph that specifically mentions cows in a poetic manner), but they are still lovingly crafted ...for a corporate food blog.

Advantage: Jonathan

Jonathan: Round 2 winner

ROUND 3 --


Amy shows off her hybrid car, touts Al Gore's movie and reveals that she and her dog Stormy are vegetarians.



Hang on... her dog is forced to be a vegetarian?

(And this is metioned in the sidebar and elsewhere on the site, so it's like, important you know.)

Holy crow.




Kooky-in-Chief: Amy

Amy wins!

Congratulations to Amy, the hot liberal cliche! Your kooky organic corporate food blog WINS!

Stan says:
"Vegetarian dogs? Blimey! The poor sod."