Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Today when I woke my first thought was, "What is the derivation of the word finial? Does it come from finish? Final? Probably. Right? OK but if so, what language? I've got to look that up. Dictionary? Web. Bed warm. Maybe Ed will look it up. Oh, he's asleep. It's chilly in here and I doubt he wants to Zzz zzz Zzzz ZZZzzzzzz..."

Note: I found the answer. But don't worry! I will not spoil the fun you will surely have finding the answer out for yourself. Also, if you came here via an Internet search, because you too were haunted by the root of the word finial, welcome. There is no doubt in my mind this word is going to be very hot in 2007. I strongly encourage those with entrepreneurial spirit to snatch up finial.com, finial.net and finial.org.

OK, this post is finito.