Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New York's Natural History Museum introduces sleepovers

Ever wonder what it would be like to be homeless in the Arctic, surrounded by vicious polar bears and a gaggle of annoying upwardly mobile New Yorkers -- knowing that soon you'll be sleeping under a blue whale's balls?

Well wonder no more!!!

You can be among the very first to spend: A Night at the Natural History Museum!
(For reals y'all... check the link)

It's only $79 dollars per person. And what''s more, after hours with the lights dimmed and your flashlight in hand you can explore the museum and you'll notice 40% less dust on the crusty old exhibits than you would during the day! That will surely jazz up the upstate NY orchard dioramas!

There's no doubt about it: Locking your children in a museum for the night is a great way to get them to learn. Or, maybe you just want to molest some kids in front of penguins or giant sea sponges?

So come on down to the American Museum of Natural History's brand new Night at the Museum!

Sleepovers at the AMNH: Because for over 100 years, we have excelled at putting people to sleep.

Note: I kid because I love the Nat History Museum -- the blue whale, sea sponges and the crusty old diorama's in particular. The cross-section of a chipmunk's digs RULES!