Friday, January 13, 2006

New New Jersey slogan

Yesterday a tipster sent me this item from Bloomberg news:

"New Jersey: Come See forYourself'' is the new state slogan.

Today the New York Times wrote about it.

Here then, are my Top Ten Rejected New Jersey Slogans.

New Jersey: Enough with the Smell Jokes Already

New Jersey: If it weren’t for Ikea and Newark Airport, We Wouldn’t be here Either.

New Jersey: At Least You Can Smoke Here! Oh, Wait, Scratch That.

New Jersey: Homo Governors Need Not Apply

New Jersey: A Nice Place to Visit. A Great Place to Mock.

New Jersey: Yo, What’s a B&T Anyways?

New Jersey: Slightly Less Rude than Long Island

New Jersey: Yo Mamma’s a Ho-Ho-Kus

New Jersey: Come Feel Superior

New Jersey: The State that Looks like a Flabby Prawn in a Hat

Note to readers: Promised Star Trek blackmail photo post delayed due to possible legal ramifications... OK truth is I forgot to email it to myself. Coming soon!