Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Felber's Frolics -- now with Advertising!

Last night I was invited into the esteemed Blogads network. Today marks the first day that Felber's Frolics is accepting ads.

Regular readers should know that advertiser dollars will not compromise the quality they have come to expect. I promise you that the tens of tens of dollars flowing in each year will not bias my laser-like coverage of the things I cover with my laser-like eye.

Mallowmars, mallowmars, eat 'em up -- YUM!

Some will say, "Susie, just because advertising on this blog will make one's penis longer and girth-ier is not enough. How do we know that your hilarious insightful content will not only remain hip, but that the advertising will also correctly, lovingly, and skillfully touch all the hot, insider showbiz types with large ta tas who regularly read your blog?"

Typical hot insider showbiz-type Frolics reader
Photo cred: Nichelle
Person who thought it was hilarious to add his finger to the photo: Basic cable's bad boy Liam McEneaney

To those some I say, never fear. I am an artist. I can't be bought. I will never actually endorse something an advertiser lists. No way. And paid placements won't interrupt the fl -

For the barking best deals, come on down to Joey's Puppy Mill!

ow of my writing.

The only thing the ads will do, is ensure I can afford to keep bringing you the finest content. So if you're one of the savvy advertisers who wants to reap the benefits of advertising on the hip-hopping-est blog in all the land, just look to the sidebar and click for rates.

But act now -- primo spaces are going fast!

"Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party!"