Monday, November 05, 2007


No, the strike doesn't apply to me as I'm non-union, cable television, Internets, prone to putting exclamation marks before a word, etc. But I say bust out the inflatable rat: I am 100% in support of the writers on their demands -- not just because my brother and many other friends are WGA. Below, a video that probably best illustrates the current negotiations:

Sign it!

I truly hope the writers stick to their guns and don't wimp out. The Internet is not just promotion; it has a viable business model -- even better than TV and their absurdly flawed ratings system. And the residuals for DVDs were negotiated 20 years ago, back when VHS was king and nobody knew the resale potential.

And I hope the writers don't back down because someday women, Asians and even black people might get to write for late-night comedy shows, and when that happens, you know they aint gonna give us squat.*

*Yes, I'm trying to rile you up. The semi-truth hurts!