Sunday, November 04, 2007

As if the Native Americans Haven't Suffered Enough

Driving along the mighty Hudson today we passed the nuclear energy plant that's a plutonium's throw away from NYC. It is called Indian Point Energy Center.

Indian Point! Doesn't that conjure thoughts of a guy in a loin cloth and feather doodads quietly rubbing two sticks together? Or a raven-haired lady in braids and beads getting crazy with a flint?

This meltdown-waiting-to-happen is named after simple nature-loving peoples who were forced off their land, lied to, killed, lied to more, nearly exterminated and then honored with a nuclear plant that uglifies the river in their name. Power plant? More like power trip!

Indian Point -- you make my inner squaw cry!

FYI You can view the original Keep America Beautiful ad here and help in the most likely futile effort to close the plant here.