Thursday, March 16, 2006

There is no watercooler talk
...and other amazing insights from Susie

Today I saw an ad for the TV Guide channel's new show TV Watercooler and I snapped.

Look people, stop using the phrase "what people are talking about around the watercooler" because nobody is talking around the watercooler. In my working life, having held more jobs than you can shake a stick at, nobody has ever talked around the watercooler.

Maybe before email (when the earth was still cooling and dinos ruled the land) people talked around the watercooler because they had no other way to take a break, swap gossip, and catch up with one another. But now offices are very very quiet, full of people sitting politely at their desks and tapping wildly, because they are emailing their friends and co-workers all the stuff they had to trek all the way to the water cooler for. And now it's better because you don't have to stop working or endure some jerk at the watercooler discussing something you aren't interested in.*

So stop. Now. When you say "what people are talking about around the watercooler" you are trying especially hard to sell me on how hot something is, but this tactic backfires worse than my ass after a bowl of blazing squrriel chili.

Now, tonight @9:30PM you should go to:
The Mercury Lounge
to see a band called Valley Lodge.
They are very good and I know Rob the drummer
...and everyone is talking about them around the watercooler.

*Although you do have to endure your relatives sending you countless urban legends and cute animal email forwards, for this is now their virtual watercooler.