Sunday, March 05, 2006

OH whadda night!

Tonight's guests don't just have issues, they have a whole subscription

I could give a rat's ass who wins, the fashions these days are too tasteful for my taste and only about 5 Americans went to the movies this year. But this year I predict 89% more crazy self-important celebrity talk AND I CAN'T WAIT.

Consider the facts: Mr. Good Liberal Jon Stewart (who drives an SUV and heads a show that employs non-union writers and performers who are white and almost entirely male),* is joining the Oscars at a time Mr. Cates says he doesn't mind people spouting off and Mel Gibson has promised he'll talk in ancient Maya. This is the perfect storm. This could turn every B-list actor into a Tim Robbins/Hour of Power preacher hopped up on crack.

Grab the popcorn and a defibrillator... this is going to be great.

*Did I say this is a bad thing?