Thursday, March 23, 2006

New York: Where the Wild Things Are.

Beards are hot sez New York Times!

(That whirring you hear? Every hipster in Brooklyn shaving theirs off.)

Coyotes cavort in Central Park!

(Lucky coyote will get transported away from the most polluted air in the state, possibly the country. And I love this perky coyote-from-the-Bronx pic. It's like he's saying, "Hey, those little dogs in sweaters youse got here? Delicious! Two mangy coyote paws up!" Oh and special shout out to the lovely Sara Hoebel, quoted in the article and currently engaged to this very tall, very cool man. )

Women applying to college get shafted!

(OK, that's not exclusively New York, but like, it sucks. And it makes me feel sorry for all the adorable Chinese baby girls I was ready to adopt after reading this article and seeing the picture of super cute Chinese American teenage girls having a super cute pillowfight. They are such dolls! I want to collect all four!)

Photo cred: David Avila/New York City Parks Department in New York Times

PS If you know and love & loathe MySpace like me, don't miss "Add Me" the groovy new MySpace song .

via Chelsea Peretti's blog 'n she's in it too. Double woo!