Thursday, March 09, 2006

I am loathe post this article because #1 I never talk about my day work on this blog nor mention the company. And #2, I look fat in the pic. But so what, here goes nothing. At least our CEO looks hot.

For a limited time only, you can read about the rumors of my demise being greatly exaggerated in one of my favorite newspapers, The River Reporter.

I love what my college bud, the talented Mr. Wyatt wrote when I sent him the link. Check it --

"I imagine The River Reporter being cranked out on a manual printing press located on a raft, the editor in chief in a rocking chair holding still ink-wet broadsheets at arms' length.

"Get me rewrite!" he shouts, his pipe rattling in clenched teeth.

A small, meek scribbler in a visor and arm garters paddles up to the raft in a small canoe.

"Yes, sir?" He asks...

River Reporter office, March 2006

Note: I worked for many more charities then are mentioned in that article (where my cancer at!), but I honestly raised bubkes for Operation Uplink this year through the New York Underground Comedy Festival and am embarrassed by my poor showing in light of the "isn't she great" award. I am sending them a check to assuage my guilt and if you'd send them money, that'd be awesome. Here's the official Operation Uplink site.

Oh and while the reporter did a fabulous job, the piece calls me a "second-home owner" which would lead people up there to the conclusion that I am rich (they think all NYC weekenders are), and that I indeed own two homes. No. I rent for the city and I own (have a big mortgage on a small cabin) a weekend place. SO not rich.