Friday, March 05, 2004

Say No More

Damn I was tempted to hang it all and name the name of the place I dissed in yesterday's post. But hey, it's not just bad karma I fear as I said. You see it is an Italian restaurant after all. Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more. Eh? Eh?*

* Actually it's not that kind of Italian place and to be honest I'm not really scared of Mafia-type revenge for some crap I write on my blog that is only read by 5 people/year.**

**OK, maybe I'm just the tiniest bit apprehensive, even though I know it's insane. You know, they might be connected, you never know.***

*** OK that is insane. They are probably not Mafia. That is a terrible cliche and you Susie are a bad person for even thinking it. Shame shame on you!****

**** Still, it might be dangerous to publically humiliate them. Any restaurant has sharp knives and they are right down the block and... Wait, who is that knocking on the door now? It's only 8:20 am. Funny, I'm not expecting anyone... Let me go see and...."Why hello man in white jacket with cleaver and blood stains on his apron, how can I help y..AAAAAAARGHHH!!!! ARGHHHHHHH!! YAA!! Ow! ARGH!! Gurgle gurgle, ARGHHH!!!!!"*****

***** That cartoon-like "AAARGH!" was supposed to imply I had been attacked by the chef and that I was screaming for my life. Anyone who has a better way to represent screaming bloody murder in a more realistic way, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!