Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The Deli Lama

He is a smiley Korean man who works at the bodega on 7th Ave. and Charles street. He mainly works at night. His name is hard to pronounce, something like "Un" or "Eun."

But he calls himself the Deli Lama.

He makes colorful hats for each day out of paper plates using a scissors and magic markers and he wears one every time he works.

Sometimes he makes hats for others.

He made me a hat on December 19th, 2003.

I know that because the hat was dated.

It has wonderful things written on it. On each of a cut out animal's legs it says: Peace, Love, Health, Prosperity. This unidentifiable animal has a round head, a tail and he is smiling.

In the middle of the animal is a round design wishing a merry x-mas and a happy new year. The circle also says, "Life is sweet."

Smack in the middle of this is my name, done in green marker with red accents. On the back the writing is in black, blue, green and red. It says, "Susie is the center of the universe, surrounded by lots of love and luck."

He pre-writes many of the hat elements when business at the deli is slow. This way he can simply just write your name in.

At the bottom he wrote, "www.BEAUTYQUEENSUSIE.COM/NO.1"

Under that it says, "The Deli Lama"

I love my paper plate hat.

I am wearing it now.