Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Felber today, Felber tonight

Felber today: I've received many a forwarded joke and one e-mail virus warning from good friends.

I completed the Spotlight newsletter for this week, had steamed broccoli marinara and two cups of instant coffee.

I planned a nice dinner with my family so we can also fill out an application to possibly finally get compensation for the property my grandparents had swiped by the Nazi's. That kind of fun always helps a dinner go down, IMHO!

I will soon take a shower and walk the dog again. I'll probably have another cup of instant coffee and add awesome vanilla chemicals.

Felber tonight is much more glamorous:

I am appearing live at B3 tonight, Wednesday, March 17th.

The B3 Comedy Lounge
33 Ave B at Third St.
Weds @ 8pm sharp
Take the f train to second Ave
$4 cover buys your first drink -- Rheingold, bud, wine, soda, or bottled water.

With your host, Becky Donohue (kinda Irish, kinda Spanish, kinda Welsh, annoyingly American)

Sean Crespo ~ I don't think he's Irish
Josh Spear ~ Jewish and muscle bound
Jodi Young ~ Black Irish
Michele Balan ~ Let's just say they won't let her march...
Susie Felber ~ Irish lookin' with the red hair, but Jewish underneath it all.
Will Mckinley ~ The Mick is in the name, need I say more? He will get extra time.
Leigh Kessler ~ Sounds Irish, the Leigh, and the Irish tend to spell things funny, but not, maybe Jewish, maybe figure it out.

Come on down and let's act all Irish and poop.

I am also appearing not live!

Tonight, I can be seen on TV. I'm on MTV2 in a show called, "That's Not A Good Look."

"Not A Good Look"; is a no-holds-barred inspection of fashion styles seen in music videos and on the red carpet. Enjoy unfortunate fashion disaster moments from Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, R Kelly, Brittney Spears, J Lo and NSync. Featuring comments by comedians Robert Schimmel, Nick DiPaolo, Rich Vos, Jim Norton, Rain Prior -- and that red hot vixen who writes stuff about how awesome she is -- Susie Felber!

Below, are all the upcoming dates and times you can see me being oh-so hilarious in this show (if you gots the MTV2):

Wed 03/17
9:00 PM

Thu 03/18
1:30 PM

Fri 03/19
4:30 PM

Sat 03/20
7:00 PM

Sun 03/21
10:30 AM

Wed 03/24
2:00 PM

Thu 03/25
10:00 AM

Sat 03/27
4:00 PM

Mon 03/29
10:30 AM

Tue 03/30
9:00 PM


Now, who would you rather know? Felber today? Or super sexy Felber tonight?

Yeah, me too!