Monday, March 08, 2004

Felber Tonight

I'm appearing at Luna Lounge for "50 in 50" -- 50 comics in 50 minutes.

Tonight at 8:30 Sharp!

The past 2 years it has been 60 comics in 60 minutes, with the 20 best given a spot at Irving Plaza for a segment called, you guessed it, "20 in 20."

The past 2 years, I immodestly submit that I have made the cut and been one of the 20 in 20. You can even watch me in action at Irving Plaza.

Click here and see me perform my original song, "Pay Per View Doesn't Show Cock." I played the autoharp I had bought at a junk shop and then smashed it, having no clue I was partially ruining an authentic "3rd Man" junior autoharp. After the show it was pointed out to me and I searched the stage for the pieces that had been chipped off in my passion. I recovered most all of them -- the stagehands who had almost been hit by flying bits of autoharp were very nice and remembered where they were.

The next year I did a flute and song tribute to my hero after September 11th, Kelly Osbourne. Here I learned that wearing a pink wig and sticking a cigarette in your flute like a rock guitarist is fun.

This year there will be no "winners" chosen, it's just a show for the crazy fun of it.

Here's the info from the site:

EATING IT PRESENTS 50 in 50 (50 comics in 50 minutes) Hosted by Colette Hawley
You think 7 comics is a bargain at $8 (including a free drink)? How about 50 for the price of 7? It’s the return of one of the most popular, diverse and eclectic comedy events in New York! Come see 50 comics perform in 50 minutes (give or take a few). 50 in 50 will feature many of our Eating It regulars along with several newcomers condensing the best of what they do in 60 seconds, with plenty of creative twists and outrageous surprises. Past editions of the show featured a celebrity all-star elderly tap dancing revue; a comic’s mother telling dirty jokes; the compete Enron scandal in 60 seconds; bad magic tricks, raunchy mad libs; a musical concert on a saw; Phil Collins Junior, and a 60 second reverse strip tease.

Host: Host: comedian Colette Hawley, creator and host of “Confessing It”, “Dating It”, “C Sharp: Comedy and Music with an Edge” and “Box of Sadness”


Craig Baldo, Sara Barron, Becky & Noelle, Clara Bijl, Jordan Carlos, Adam Cole-Kelly, Josh Comers, Jane Condon, Jonathan Corbett, Jessica Delfino, Pete Dominick, Becky Donohue, Andres duBouchet, Peter Dutton, Ophira Eisenberg, Susie Felber, Jon Fisch & James Patterson, Kimmy Gatewood, Bayne Gibby, Mike Gold, Matt Goldich, Josh Haness, The Hazzards, Seth Herzog, Tim Homayoon, Peter Hyman, Dan Kennedy, Leigh Kessler, Eric Kirchberger, Nick Kroll Andrea Rosen Chelsea Peretti & Roger Hailes, Shauna Lane, Nasry Malak, Moody McCarthy, Liam McEneaney, Veronica Mosey, Sara Polon, Dan Powell, Susan Prekel, Stacey Prussman, The Rob and Mark Show, Kristen Schaal, Debbie Shea, Dave Siegel, Bricken Sparacino, Rebecca Tingley, Amber Tozer, Adam Wade, Jessica Wood, Florence Yoo, & Rena Zager.

Now, here it is 1:20 PM on the day of the show and I have no clue what I'm doing for my minute.

Come on down and find out!

PS Next Monday at Luna I'm doing a "real" longer than 1-minute spot.