Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I'm just back from skiing in Utah.

(insert snort of derision here)

I learned a few things about Utah.

I share them with you here.

1. Never order anything described as "Thai" at a ski lodge.

I guess that seems obvious now but remember that the altitude can do funny things to a gal. Especially when the gal has downhilled it all day and downed her weight in sake all night. Then a spicy Thai wrap suddenly looks really appealing. But then you wake up in the morning next to a plate of iceberg lettuce, carrots and cardboard. The worst part: you paid 10 bucks for it.

2. You maybe tempted to buy a "Snowboarding is not a Crime" T-shirt.

I was tempted to buy a "Snowboarding is not a Crime" T-shirt for my mom. I thought that would be hee-larious. But unfortunately, the shirt didn't come with a Salvation Army donation form, so I passed.

3. Skiing through snowy cliffy sunny Utah scenery is so impossibly beautiful that afterwards real life will seem like a eternal let down.

'Nuff said.