Monday, April 18, 2005

"It's a million-to-one chance, but it just might work!"

Didja know my mom's a romance writer? For real. Her latest book, Alas My Love, came out April first. You can see it/buy it here or here or just saunter into any ol' bookstore. Actually, I just remembered that on this book, I got to help rewrite the copy on the back cover, reprinted here. But, don't judge a book by its back cover (even though that back cover copy really sings, no?)

If you want some background on my mom and her books, check out these FAQ I wrote eons ago, right here. Amazingly the FAQ have held up because amazingly, a) she's still my mom, and b) she's still a romance writer, and c) I'm that good y'all y'all. <--- yes, I wrote "y'all" twice for effect. Of course, the effect might be that I look like an uncool twerp. Same old, same old, right? Anywho...

I have a super secret confession.

Are you ready?


I entered mom to win Live with Regis and Kelly's 15th annual Mom's Dream Come True Contest.

I did a quick search and found two previous winners of what I like to call LWR&K'SMDCTC. One mom was surprised with the old contest game show standby wowie zowie prize: A NEW CAR! Another got to meet her idol, Dolly Parton.

Now, I'm all for cars and I'm all for Dolly, but my mom's dream is actually and truly related to their show.

You see, many times, my award-winning romance authoring momma has sighed and said, "If only Kelly would feature my book... maybe as a summer beach read..." Then she punctuates this sentence with another, slightly larger, sigh.

So when I found this contest, I wrote Regis and Kelly a heart-wrenching letter, sent in the required photo of us together and I have my fingers crossed.

But I'm not stupid. I know that chances are this will not happen. A million viewers are sending in their mom's dreams. I'll bet it's a scene like Miracle on 34th Street in their production offices right now. As they spill the bags of mail on Regis and Kelly's desk, they find they can't read the heart-wrenching requests fast enough: "My mom needs new teeth!", "My mom only dreams of having sushi with Peter Frampton!", and "Help my mom get her tattoo of having sushi with Peter Frampton removed!"

Now my mom's dream would cost them nothing and yet it would mean the world to her. And mainly, and hopefully, it would mean way more people would read what she writes day in and day out and then the day after that again. And that is what she truly wants.

So in conclusion...

I gave the letter my all. I submitted a rather cute picture of us. The dream is incredibly do-able, my aim is true and the cause (her books) is worthy.

But my mom actually winning this contest?

It's a one-in-a-million shot.

But as Terry Pratchett has pointed out many times, one-in-a-million chances work exactly 90% of the time...