Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Busy today so this post will be light on my trademark outrageous barbs of hilarity.

But you will get a sneak peek into my ultra glam life.

I have a new favorite site. This is the place I go when not cramming into a bathroom stall at B8 with Lindsay Lohan, Alan Rickman and Buddy Hackett's lifeless corpse.


It's an incredibly dense site full of all the information a bird nerd like me could want and then some. The Spring 2005 Ruby-throated Hummingbird migration map is what really turns me on -- yes, the talk of Hummers coming is HOT and no, they aren't talking about a car or a sexual act.

The site sells nothing, reaps no benefits from recommending products and seems to be the product of one person's obsession.

So I thank you, Lanny Chambers. Sites like yours make the web a many splendid thing.

Too much sincerity? Too little snark?

Too bad.

If you want to roll with Felber, you best be reportin' your first hummer.

Word to your Archilochus colubris and sporadic Rufous sightings.

Peace and I'm outta here.