Friday, February 14, 2003

Stray Pride!

My Stan has just won a national photo contest from a left coast outfit called Dog Remedy. Even more impressive than the photo is the way he set up the tripod and got the exposure just right. Still, some of the credit must go to my mother, who told Stan numerous times, "No, bad dog! Put down the 400 asa!"

So check it out. Supposedly 150 bucks of dog goodies are on the way. Boxes of kibble? Mink dog coat? Or just a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes for me so I look good enough to walk such a glam dog?* Stay tuned for all the late-breaking developments!

*Actually, the Marc Jacobs shoes I have coveted cost as much as a computer. But I would never look a gift dog box in the mouth. Probably because it doesn't have one.