Saturday, February 01, 2003

Last night's Gershwin Hotel show was hopping... my octopus material, hatched over Korean BBQ went swimmingly. I would venture to say no comedian has ever done such brilliant octopus material after Korean BBQ -- ever. Man I adore Korean food. The kim chee brings me back to happy childhood memories of eating the insanely spicy pickled cabagge at my best friend Yuh Suhn's house. But wow, Korean joints have cornered the market on condiments of excitement! Plus, how can you not love asking about what a sidedish is and getting the response, "Like a snail."

I said, "Like a snail?"

The waiter said, "Yeah. Like a snail. But not snail. Like a snail. Seafood... Like a snail."

I ended up not trying the like a snail and I almost regret it.

But tonight is no time for lingering in the past over Korean-meals-gone-by! No! Tonight is the big shoe...

Felber's Frolics
Every Saturday @ 10:30 PM
Ye Old Tripple Inn
West 54th Street Between Broadway & 8th Ave.
FREE, no minimum

Here's the line up:

The music of Bob Powers
The slapstick of Debbie Shea
Andre DuBouchet and his magic lantern show
Ben Morrison and his trained satin dancing birds
as always, a performer who is new to me. Ye Old Tripple virgin: William Lewis Wexler.

with the wonderful sidekickery of my more talented brother, Adam Felber. And the hilarity and drama of Monologue Challenge.

Join us, wont you?