Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Lazy Blogger Technique #27: The Link

Brody Stevens

Fabulous comedian, friend (at least last time he was on the right coast), and a guy who has been close enough to smell many of my fave baseball players. Instead of smelling them, he entertains them, gives them friendship... or so he says.

I think Brody is also doing warm-up for Jimmy Kimmel Live, these days. If I'm wrong about this Brody, return the unused portion of this blog for a full refund.

Something about the layout of Brody's site makes him look like a total lunatic.

He's not.

He's a stark raving lunatic.

Ah but he's the taste sensation sweeping the nation.

And he's a nice boy. So go. Just the pictures alone are worth the price of admission.

Correction: I learned Brody is mostly doing warm-up for a sports show on FOX, but sometimes pinch hits for Kimmel. Actually, not a correction, as no misinformation was conveyed in the first. But Sweet Juno! Imagine if I got this warm-up comic info wrong! We'd all be goners!