Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Last Comic Standing -- update-a-roo!

Hope yet...found out Eddie Pepitone, my pal and boy comedy genius, was selected as one of the final 10 from NYC. Now he and 9 others face off against the 10 west coasters to see who's LCS.

And ah... no other news, really. Going in a mo to do a quick spot at the Duplex. Venerable mainly gay bar down the street, but everyone is made welcome there, even Stan. Love the crowd (when there is one) and Poppi Kramer, your host and bartender, works her magic and overcomes the early hour of 7PM to make it a good time Wednesday show. 2 for 1 drinks don't hurt either...

What I'm saying is they help... but you, gentle blog reader, knew that, didn't ya? Ya.