Monday, May 07, 2007


G'ma Layton  2.28.07 3
Is this baby trying to ruin author Edith Layton's illustrous career?

In the second installment of "Ask Edith Layton" on, Ms. Layton is showing off her book collection when suddenly, and quite without warning, a woeful wail is heard. Layton tries to keep it together, but watching the video, you can tell her blood is boiling!

One baby quickly emerged as the prime suspect in the library vid scandal. A baby who thinks if he can't read, no one shall. A baby who doesn't know how to spell CAT, yet has tricks that are dirtier than his diapers:

Are other historical authors at risk?

Watch it now right here and see if you don't agree with fans worldwide that this mini mite merits a muzzle!