Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up

My man's latest article comes out. Go read it before the subscription veil goes up.

Robert Klein should get a shout out for his very funny bit about Larry King hawking an author's book during the Quill Book Awards on NBC. And I should get my head checked for watching the Quill Book Awards, for Klein was the one and only highlight. Unholiest Quill moments: Elmo doing a lengthy turn as a presenter and (a conspicuously absent) Rachel Ray winning over Harold McGee.

While walking my dog and trying to avoid the throngs of foreigners (Italians, Idohoians, Illinoisians) partaking in Magnolia Bakery madness, I met an adorable nerdy kid perched on the steps of his parent's fancy-ass brownstone. He quickly managed to sell me his self-generated map of "haunted Greenwich Village" for a buck. Then he tried to sell me a short story he had written, as he put it, "in the manner of Edgar Allen Poe" but I was out of cash.

Then the kid started to tell me about all the other things he had successfully hawked on his steps --
and now I think I understand how his parents can afford the mortgage on their sweet pad.