Sunday, October 16, 2005

Felber weekends -- REVEALED!

A lot of people ask why I don't blog on the weekend.

They want to know where I go and what I do.

Now for the very first time, I'm ready to share these private moments with you.

Every weekend, I go to the country, and put my feet up...

Hanging out
Here I am, relaxing in the country

Then, when the sun goes down, the bear dresses come out!

bear dress
Who's the prettiest bear -- YOU ARE!

Crochet all day; enjoy your bear all night!

bear dress two
Goldilocks can kiss my bear's ass!

Oh Randy Pandy you so crazy!

So that's really it. I'm exhausted come Monday. Why today alone I dressed up 46 of my bears in brand new outfits and took pictures of each one. So, if you're also into dressing up your bears and photographing them while topless and wearing a snorkle, let me know. I'd love the company.

No freaks.