Friday, September 30, 2005

They call me Big Red, because everybody wants a piece.

So, on that bombshell...
On Monday, go see Susie in:

"The Big Sell" -- a one time only comedy event!
Date: Oct 3, 2005 (Mon)
Location: Otto's Shrunken Head
Address: 538 E 14 (Between A/B)
Start: 8:00 PM
Admission: FREE

Susie Felber and Lianne Stokes host an evening featuring professional comedians. The catch? All comics have (or have had) a secret double life -- "day jobs" in advertising. Did you know many of the comics you see on TV, in print and on the comedy circuit are also Art Directors, Creative Directors & Copy Jockeys whose work is all around you? From writing for the Aflac duck, to writing coffee cup sleeves, billboards, buses, and selling taxi cab tops -- these comedians work as "creatives" in-house or in-agency or in their underpants, drunk from home.

Taglines all day. Punchlines all night. This is not some "funniest guy in the ad agency" show. This is a show featuring working comedians who also happen to have a flair for schilling wares...

This show features comedians Susie Felber, Lianne Stokes, Rob Paravonian, Amanda Melson, Joe DeVito, Josh Comers, Jordan Carlos, John Morrison, Anthony DeVito and some very special surprise guests.

This show is also a part of the NYC Underground Comedy Festival.

On Wednesday see Susie in:
Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad
Nice Jewish girls Gone Bad – comedy, music and burlesque.
A Time Out NY pick of the week!
Date: Oct 5, 2005 (Wed)
Location: Joe’s Pub
Address: 425 Lafayette street
Start: 8:00 PM
Also features: the release of "Modern Jewish Guide to Guilt" By Ruthie Andrew Ellenson