Friday, September 16, 2005

FT Hotties?

Yeah, I was sent this blog post about FT hotties.

But they omit FT hottie.
Doesn't the badminton net show off how nicely editing can hone one's arms?
Photo by Lisa Whiteman

Wow! Even with a crudely-drawn lobster claw for a hand, he is still smokin'!
Photo by Wendy Shanker, silly lobster claw + by me

Luna in hand
What woman wouldn't want a man who'd agree to splay a dead luna moth in his hands so your nerdy ass could take a picture with a disposable camera?
Photo by me, Luna moth (died on the lawn in front of my eyes) by chance.

And since I'm amazingly busy, you can check out the article my FT Hottie wrote for the FT on the recent Galloway/Hitchens ideological smackdown.