Thursday, July 25, 2002

Guy Parked on Perry.*
a poemy thing by Susie

Right now, still, I'm sure.
Taking up two spots.

You with your sun shade in the window,
You who refused to move your car up or back a few inches,
You with the unplaceable accent.
You who said, "I move up, I might get bumped,
I move back, I might get bumped.
Eeet is not worth it to me."

I dream of picking up the fire hydrant,
moving it to your driver's side door.
Painting the curb yellow as the water spurts.
Laughing as the police ticket you.

Or putting Golden Blossom honey
on your door handle,
Because I was too pussy to
Imagine using dog poop.
For more than a few minutes.

Your Karma is worse
Than your mustache.

Your woman was embarrassed.
Your car was crappy.
I will take action.
I will glare at your car
a few more times today.

Don't even try and stop me.

*Printed and posted on the guy's windshield. I live on the edge!