Sunday, July 07, 2002

The Birth of the Blog
a timeline

2356 BC
The first nerd crawls out of the sea.

The web is invented.

Roger Somethingorother and his wife go on AOL and are amazed by this bold new technology.

Ten minutes later
The Somethingorother's realize AOL is only good for porno chat and e-mailing fake virus alerts.

Soon after that
Baby McBoomer decides there's gold in them thar web hills.

Pat McGroin becomes the world's first liberal arts graduate to make a living.

2 Nanoseconds later
Everyone expects to be and is paid for "content." "Content" is the code name for Baby McBoomer's desire to be in on a site as cutting edge, intelligent and potentially profitable as the Hamster Dance. Talented people eat well, drink a lot and do tons of no work for pay.

Game over. Content schmontent. Piss off.

Liberal Arts majors, geeks and people who share way too many details about their personal life realize, we can provide tons of content! The personal, loving, real, balls-to-the-windscreen content we always wanted on our big corporate sites, but were forbidden to enact! Ye Haw! No more clueless VC's! No more web B.S.! No more pay! No more pay? Oh, yeah, well, so... link to me! love me! Leave a comment for me!

The New York air is filled with smoke imported from Canada. Expect Frogs, vermin and slaying of the first born. For Susie jumping on the blogwagon hath made the Lord sayeth, "Enough already!"