Saturday, November 20, 2010

Topical airline security jokes written in 5 minutes.

Going to LA soon and haven't even started my TSA scanner diet.

Not saying the frisks are extreme, but I heard United is changing their motto to "Fly the Friendly Skies with Benefits."

I don't mind the pat downs. Just the fact that I can't have a cigarette afterwards. Or if I do, I have to go through the pat down again, which might make me want to go out and have a cigarette and...

You just have to ask yourself -- what's worse -- someone seeing a picture of your fat, or feeling it and having your peritoneum mistaken for a large explosive device?

In light of the uproar, John Pistole, the administrative head of the TSA, said he "understands the sensitivities of people." He added that he'd be happy to personally show people where their most sensitive spots are.

I'm not saying the TSA are a bunch of pervs. I'm implying it.