Monday, September 17, 2007


8:30pm I am at the Gold Hawk bar in Hoboken, enjoying a bevy and watching the Yankees kick Baltimore's ass in HD. The comedy show, she has not yet begun. Hold tight!

8:36pm Show still not on, which is not uncommon in this business we call show. Even Broadway regularly "holds for 10."

8:44pm OK, show still not on. Also, Hoboken is a long way from Broadway. Starting to understand why Sinatra snubbed this town. Hey, call me if you're reading this live. I'll give a shout out/link to you and anything you want to hawk... as long as it's not Hitler. K? I'll delete my # at the end of the show 917-XXX-XXXX

8:49pm I said no Hitler! Seriously, the phone is ringing off the hook here, but I want to hear from someone who's not wanting me to link to Thanks. Back at y'all when the show starts.

9:10pm Chris Deluca up!

9:13pm Deluca kills with this joke: "Hoboken. From the Native American for 'Hard to Park'."

9:14pm Deluca thanks, for the nice posts about the show. But he calls out something called Hobokenhero for not posting about the show. In fact, today, instead of posting about this show, the site posted a leaf. Deluca brings a print out for proof. Hilarious.

9:19pm Something about a bike. Some bit with Adam Wade. I was busy taking pictures. BTW pictures will be posted later. I can not upload photos and live blog. OK, I can, but I want the prose to be brilliant.

9:21pm Ritch Duncan introduced as someone from the Professional Society of Linguists. I smell character work!

9:25pm Duncan keeping the crowd rapt with his wordy bit. Wade is assisting holding up the papers. Here we see Duncan as he thanks Wade for his help.

9:26pm Deluca reading letters from audience members who had requests. A letter writer asked for "You Shook Me All Night Long" without metaphor. The music is cranked! Deluca is performing the song sans metaphor. I wish I had this bit to post here.

9:30pm Alison Forns being welcomed up. She contributes to!

9:36pm Alison is a joke a second -- so funny -- but I can not keep up! Also, I can't see the keyboard in this dark room. They need a bat blogging this show.

9:38pm Greg Johnston up! He looks like the brunette love child of "Wings" Steven Weber, if you cross your eyes.

9:41pm Greg's log cabin joke is followed by his gay television joke -- does very well! Don't you love how I bring it alive for you?

9:46pm I don't drink much these days and didn't have dinner other than two infant-sized bites of an organic frozen waffle. After one drink, I should not be allowed to blog.

9:48pm OMG! My real estate agent showed up! I am so excited! The one who helped us find our sweet 'hawken pad over a year ago. The apartment he found us was so great, I got pregnant the first week we were there. This picture is the demanding roommate who showed up a few months ago and took over our big beautiful sun-drenched office, not the real estate agent. Yes, I found a way to add a baby pic to my live blogging! GOooooal!

9:56pm Wade is up! He is mesmerizing the crowd. He should be called Adam Mesmer.

9:59pm I am up next. I can not think of anything but how I will slay the crowd with my outrageous barbs of hilarity that fly at you from every angle.

10:16pm OK, so I'm chatting with my friend the real estate agent who I haven't seen in so long I didn't know he wasn't a real estate agent for a whole year. The act on the stage is burning down the house.

10:18pm Oh yeah. Forgot to mention I was awesome, incredible. The crowd was in tears of laughter when I was on. During my set, half the audience killed themselves, fearing they would never see anyone as hilarious again. True, but a shame nonetheless. I love the word "nonetheless".

10:19pm Brandy & Sara = awesome.

10:21pm Bike given away! Mailing list! clapping!

10:37pm Show long over. Je suis hanging out. Later! Mwah!

Early AM next day

Photos added. Back to blogging for bucks, here.