Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Fashion Week!

It's fashion week in NYC dahlings. But what's a la mode for the under one set? What's on the catwalk for those who can't yet walk? What's the latest trend in goo-ture? Glad you didn't ask.
The look? Brokeback Baby

"I wish I could quit you!"
I wish i could quit you!

Brokeback Baby
Hat by Tesco, shirt by Barbara Metzger for the Montauk Public Library, and original shirt coloring by Hugo using all-natural kiwi, squash and lasagne pigments.

Photo: Angie M., amazing friend and incidentally, a real children's textile designer for a major label that rhymes with Pap. Or Lap, Rap, Sap, Tap, Bap, Frappe.

The other look is an 80s retro thing. Presenting:
Dexys Midnight Baby!
Overalls by... who knows, they were hand-me-downs. Crap Photoshopping by me. Beautiful baby by me and House of Holland.