Friday, July 27, 2007

Holland onesie
While I was making this onesie featuring the Holland family coat of arms/crest/whatever you call it, my water broke.

And now exactly 9 months later -- as long as it took to take him from concept to completion -- he's here and playing with the dog, eating bananas and laughing, completely unaware of the trail of destruction he left when he took my hormones on a joyride, busted out of my body a la Alien and then smashed my baby-hardened heart into tiny uneven pieces.
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I am really excited to see family and ex-pat friends, very excited to have a full two weeks in England-o (burglars: feel free to break in, but know that I've lent my pad to a pack of vicious pit bulls and the annual Asbestos Fanciers Convention) and I am ready to roll because I haven't had a vacation since 2/2006, skiing down large mountains in Utah and doing all those fun things one can't do with a baby on board.

I may post from the road. No doubt you are all clamouring for hi-res pictures of beans on toast!

What? I GOTTA PACK?!?! OMG! So wait, we've got a coat of arms but no butler? What up with that?