Monday, June 18, 2007


To commence live from Hoboken @ approx. 8:45-9pm. Stay tuned...

Note: Photos will be taken and added later. My computer is too slow to handle my photog and lightening fast wit. UPDATE: Photos added!

9:00pm-- It's on! Well, not really, but the music is loud and so it seems like something is going to happen. Ooooh, very exciting.

9:02 -- Music still loud Crowd going wild. If by "wild" you mean, waiting patiently.

Music + milling about = Major Excitement!

9:04 -- Adam Wade introduces Chris Deluca, using all sorts of charm and pounding Deluca's TV cred into the crowd. Crowd going insane. If by insane, you mean listening and sipping drinks.

9:06 -- Deluca introduces me, mentions I am live-blogging. My only credit he announces is that I live in Weehawken. That's awesome. I do comedy for a decade and I get "lives in Weehawken." Deluca = dead.

9:08 -- Deluca going 100 m.p.h. on marriage material. He's too fast for my typing skills. He did punchlines that involved a condor, Stockholm Syndrome, the Hulk. Listen people, if you want the jokes ya gotta come to the show.

9:10 -- Deluca's bomb line about the soundsystem-- "I could almost not hear you laugh" -- kills!

9:12 -- Deluca introduces former Tough Crowd writer, Ritch Duncan -- and he's up!

9:16 -- Enjoy this out-of-context Ritch Duncanism: "All kitten AC/DC cover band."

9:18 -- Duncan expertly "takes the piss out of me" and my live-blogging. I love it.

9:19 -- Duncan scores a hit with his, "The whole ad campaign for Vegas is 'Hey, we've got whores!'" bit.

9:21 -- Duncan doing fab.

9:23 -- His big dismount: The hot dog bit!

9:23 -- Deluca up and presenting the faux survey, "Worst names for describing a blow job." "Thorny, Lack Luster, Capra-esque, Maternal." .And the winner for worst adjective to describe a blow job -- "toothy."

9:25 -- Deluca on Port Authority bus terminal day v. night, "A head on a skateboad tried to sell me batteries" and "I lost my wallet, my identity was stolen by a dragon."

9:28 -- Margot Leitman up!

9:31 -- Margot is talking too fast for my crap typing. People like her a lot! Getting mega laughs. Here's a sample of words I can capture, "genital warts" "hpv" "Nancy Reagan"

I screwed up and didn't get a photo of Margot that was cool, so please forgive and enjoy the photo of Heather (who went up later in the eve).

9:33 -- Thought: Judging from the laughter, and the haircuts, Hoboken has a lot more straight men than Manhattan and Brooklyn. Just saying.

9:35 -- Margot tells us she's from "the town next to the town Bon Jovi is from." This is way beyond my geographical knowledge. Jerseyites seem to dig it.

9:36 -- Adam Cole Kelly, writer for Best Week Ever, is up. Tells ladies not to stare at his legs, that it makes him uncomfortable. Tells his gold "sun wearing sunglasses" joke.

9:40 -- Adam tells fat chick at Applebee's joke. It does so well I am now convinced there are more straight men in Hoboken.

<-- This photo I took of Adam is NOT payback for him making fat chicks joke. But it could be, couldn't it?

9:41 -- Adam, probably sensing the undeniable hetero make-up of the room, launches into his pornography material.

9:43 -- Adam's "Cinderella Man" v. "Cinderella, Man" joke makes me happy. I laugh louder than anyone, me, alone in a bar at my mac. Nerd, party of one!

9:45 -- Deluca, our multi-talented host, asks me, from the stage, how live blogging is going. I am so focused eye of the tiger-style on my blog I make barely any sense. Awesome. But luckily no one outside of this room will ever know I made no sense. Oh. Wait a minute...

9:47 -- Adam Wade is up!

9:49 -- Adam is funny and cute. How cute? He's making hetero buzz cut boys giggle.

9:50 -- Thought: It's possible that only my mom is following this blogging, live. Hi mom!

9:53 -- Did you know... Hoboken411 covered this show two days ago. And Real Hoboken has a funny interview by Adam with Deluca about tonight's show.

9:57 -- Wade's story kills. Too involved to explain. Sorry kids. Now he's doing a final story to lovely music. Aw, sweet.

10:00 -- Deluca on Wade's touching story of young love, "That's a great story Adam, but it reads a lot better on the police report."

10:01 -- Deluca tells us what he was thinking about our audience, "I wish Anne Franks' family were as silent as they are today, maybe they'd be alive today."

10:03 --Heather Fink up! Opens on "Bulimic pony's at a Japanese restaurant" bit and seques into "back fat is the funniest fat."

10:06 -- Oh, before Heather went up Deluca complained saying there were no comments on my blog, so he counld respond. Dude, I haven't had comments ever. Not once since 2002. Maybe you don't know you hired THE Susie Felber: Live-blogger to the non-stars?

10:07 -- Heather is hot and doing odd material. Now the hetero boys are scared. You let your freak flag fly girl!

Heather pre-show. Nice + pretty + comedy = scary

10:09 -- Jake Goldman up!

10:14 -- Jake doing a surreal penis/astronaut bit. He is riding that "freak the crowd out" wave. He ends on, "I was going to put a jar of honey on the stage and have the honey do these same jokes... and I think it would've had the same effect."

10:15 -- Deluca plugging the email list! Thanking everyone! Calls me beautiful. How often is a live-blogger called beautiful? I am clapping and hooting louder than anyone for everyone.

10:17 -- Show over! A good time had by all. My camera battery is dead. That's how rockin' the show was. Broadway Schmoadway! Woodstock Schmouldstock! Ringing Brothers-Schmingling Brothers! This, the Hoboken Comedy Experiment is the greatest show on earth. Until next time Hoboken...

Kisses (g'night mom),


UPDATE: After the show Deluca told me someone on Hoboken 411 comments called me a great blogger and big fun. Very apt description of me and my fun! Big kisses to the anon person who said that -- mwah!