Wednesday, April 25, 2007


From Joe: one clarification to your entry: Virginia Tech is in Blacksburg, which is in western Virginia, about as far from Fairfax (where NRA HQ is) as Fairfax is from New York (about 250 miles).

From me: So I took out the me being a geographical idiot stuff that was below. Cheers dears!

Fairfax, Virginia:
Site of the NRA's National Firearms Museum.

Joe visited, photographed and wrote about the museum.

Searching for the museum's website, I found this rather unfortunate Google result:

Google result I found
Champagne, chocolate and fireplaces? No, honey, we're gonna view us some firearms!

Virginia is for gun-totin' lovers...

Photo cred: The doomed cheetah photo taken in the National Firearms Museum is DSCF1089, originally uploaded by joelogon.

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