Friday, March 30, 2007

Ask a stupid question...

Get me to answer!

"Askville" is a new Amazon-owned site. They emailed me to join. It's a dynamic new community of real people who ask and answer questions on every topic under the sun.

I jumped in to selflessly help a woman with her urgent need to make a "simple, creative, inexpensive bird costume for 40 kindergarten students."

My answer to her is the one titled "Kids Canary Costume -- Cheep!" from SusietheMaven.

Read it here:

But wait! The link above doesn't let you view without signing in. So here's the question and my answer...

"Need simple, creative, inexpensive ideas for bird costume"

Asked by: newmommy15 - 10 hours ago

Do you have any ideas for a simple, creative, inexpensive bird costume for 40 kindergarten students. It's for a spring assembly. Don't need a head-to-toe costume. Just some ideas for maybe something to put on their heads or wings for their arms, etc.

"Kids Canary Costume -- "Cheep"!"

Answered by: SusietheMaven
Date: Mar 30 2007 (9 hours ago)

Paint the children with yellow frosting. Then get some old pillows and allow children to put handfuls of the innards on themselves. The frosting should make them sticky enough to attach feathers, but know that if it's cold, buttercream can harden. But shortening is cheaper and more pliant at any temperature.

The best part is it's non-toxic and really hands on.

Picture credit up top:
Costume Craze Toddler Big Bird Costume, which is currently out of stock. Apparently, making your baby look like a giant yellow penis is all the rage.